Happy NaNoWriMo in 2015!

 Finally, it’s November 1st!

As we all know, yesterday was Halloween – a time for candy, treats, and costumes! Though, yesterday, I had to work which is always fun… But thankfully, after I got home, and watched some traditional Halloween movies and show with the boyfriend, I went right to work on my novel, The Witches Claws.

If you’re not aware of the plot, it’s this:

Two beat cops respond to a 911 call in the legendary creepy woods, Witches Claws, to a lone house. When they arrive, they find a frightened young woman where she spins a tale of a curse and a killer in the house.

The cops start to investigate the house as they slowly come across various bodies of the past as well as their memories prior to being killed.

But… neither of them have psychic powers though…

I mentioned this before, but I originally wanted to write this story for Halloween but school and work got in the way. However, that’s okay – I’ve been wanting to do NaNoWriMo again in the future, might as well try to do it this year!

The goal of this particular novel is to actually finish it and turn it into a light novel (though maybe without the illustrations). Typically, they have about 20,000 words to 50,000 (oddly enough, the amount we all have to write for this month) but they can be longer. So yeah, that’s the goal.

Maybe this particular novel won’t have illustrations as I’m planning to actually sell this novel after I get it written and heavily edited, but I don’t want this novel to end up like Mermaid Tears, in which I’m still writing and I’m seriously stuck on a particular plot point.

Eh. I won’t be able to post every day on my current word count, but I will try to at least post about a major milestone (as in maybe 5K words or 10K words) and when I’m not working on homework and I’m off from work.

Let’s keep going! Don’t give up! Right now, I have a good start! After this post, I have only 2,484 words! Only 47,516 words to go…

How many words have you written today?

About Lily

A fujoshi who won't shut up about anime, manga, video games, BJDs, nendoroids, and anime conventions. She apparently can't stop writing either.

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  1. Happy Nanowrimo 2015 to you! I’m excited to read about some of my fellow wrimos this month. Happy writing 🙂 It’s day 4 and I’m only at 2,637, but I’ll be chugging along.



  2. Good luck with NaNo! On a typical day, I average several thousand words. I type and write very fast, though even I would never set the insane goal of writing 50K or more on the very first day, or writing well over 100K over the entire month. I refuse to believe these deliberate overachievers are writing quality work when they rush themselves so hard and don’t take time out to savor the journey of creation.


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