Tis the Season to Put Off Studying

Ah, finals. There’s just something about it that’s amazing, especially when you’re at the end of a semester – especially when you’re promised to graduate (with passing grades of course). Not only that, professors in colleges and high schools often schedule finals around the same time the holidays are, especially Christmas.

One would often wonder why that’s so – why couldn’t they wait until after? But then, would anyone really want to study during Christmas or any other special holiday?

And yet… while I have only three subjects to study for, I’m putting it off till the very last minute – a bad habit I’ve had since high school. Thankfully, I’m a quick learner and I do have quite a grasp on the subjects already. It’s just… doing it.

But how does this pertain to writing? Well, because suddenly, I want to work on “The Witches Claws”. Suddenly, I care to write much more than when I had the whole month of November to do so. And it’s annoying. I still have the same ideas, the same endings, the same growth Zuri, the main character, will go through – nothing new has changed or suddenly inspired me, just the drive. And of course it’s during a vital time where I need to focus on my grades. I mean, I’m not too worried about my grades, but I don’t want to be too relaxed either!

One thing’s for sure, work is throwing me for a loop (even knowing that I have finals this week) with the extended hours is going to be a challenge.

All in all, I guess I’ll wait until after finals to see if I’ll still have the drive to work on my novel. Argh! Why couldn’t I have been this driven last month?

About Lily

A fujoshi who won't shut up about anime, manga, video games, BJDs, nendoroids, and anime conventions. She apparently can't stop writing either.

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  1. Hi! I totally hear you. I so put off studying & everything… and as a grad student, grading as long as I can and get inspired to work on my fiction when I have all kinds of other projects to work on.

    How did finals go? Did you still have the novelling drive once they were over?


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