January 2021 Wrap-Ups

The first month of January has come and gone. There’s a lot of things that happened in one month that I’m sure we all wish did and didn’t happen but thankfully, we survived. Somehow. I tried to bury my head in the books but this month, I didn’t get much reading done. Only 3 books read and I wish I read more. However, I did end up getting sick with a small cold, and dealing with my own stuff prevented me from reading. Eh, that’s how it goes, I guess. There’s always next month after all, and I think that’s still more than I initially thought!

In any case, here’s the books I did read:


The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson (Hardcover) was something that I had really been looking forward to, especially in terms of its story and its inner lore. I love interesting lore but upon thinking about it after a while, it just wasn’t enough. I get it because Immanuelle was only doing her best to be good and stay out of trouble and tried to appeal to her grandmother after she and her family have been cast out of Bethel. Why? Because her mother had “committed a sin” and was burned for it. I still like Ezra and Immanuelle’s relationship a lot and how it was presented but the more I thought about it, I wish there was more context in regards to how “free” Ezra supposedly had before they started to become closer. Regardless, the book has only aged better in my mind in terms of how I feel about it despite my earlier statement. I’m really excited for the second book to come out soon!


The Nightmare Thief (The Nightmare Thief #1) by Nicole Lesperance (eARC – Kindle) was such a cute little story! I still wish that this book was done in its own little world because I really did get immersed in this book and wanted to fully play with the world in there. I can see how that could come across as a bit critical for this book but I really do adore this book a lot! Maren was a really cute lead and I think she was pretty strong for all that she’s involved in. A lot of my criticism still stands in such that I think the story should’ve at least shown more on why “dark magic” is considered a bad thing (and end up actually being necessary) but if there’s a volume one, there’s a volume two coming up. Even though I have such criticism, I hope I won’t get misunderstood when I mention my criticism because it absolutely comes from a place of love! I really want to collect this entire series as a physical set if the cover is going to remain as colorful and dreamy as this!


Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas (Hardcover) is a book that I absolutely adore so, so much. Not even just the representation, but because this book has a lot of love emitting from the pages that it was really hard to miss it. It’s hard to ignore it. It’s even harder to dismiss them – because how could you? This book doesn’t feel like a debut book to me – it feels like a love letter to the brujx and while the main villain did still feel a bit weak, I wish again and I wish a thousand times that I wish this book was around when I was a young girl. I needed to see a girl like Maritza around and I needed to see that Yadriel would worry about things like that and even to see how the complicated feelings for speaking Spanish and English that Julian brings up from that point of view. However, I’m glad I saw it now, rather than never, and especially for the younger generation. It’s a delight to read and I would definitely recommend this one to (younger) Latine and Hispanic readers.

Regardless, even though it’s only three books, books are still being read! I really hope February brings more books in! Hopefully, this upcoming month brings more books, laughter, and joy. Continue on being safe and wear a mask when you go out. We’re still in a pandemic, after all!

In any case, what books have you read in January? What books are you looking forward to? Feel free to comment!

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A fujoshi who won't shut up about anime, manga, video games, BJDs, nendoroids, and anime conventions. She apparently can't stop writing either.

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