About Astronomy Of My Dreams

Welcome to Astronomy Of My Dreams! This is my book reviewing blog. My old one was called Nebula Way but, after a while, I realized that maybe Blogspot isn’t the best platform for me in the end (even if it’s very simple to use). Honestly, the purpose of this blog is to review things for fun. I have a lot of thoughts on what I read (that isn’t a writing tool) so I just dump them here and move on.

If you’d like to discuss them, please feel free to comment but understand that I have the right delete comments that I deem rude and/or offensive to me. So, you know, be civil and all that.

About L.C. Star

I was born on August 27, 1987, which would make me a Virgo (Western Zodiac) and a Fire Rabbit (Eastern Zodiac). While I’m busy procrastinating my writing as per usual, I’m tweeting to my friends, hanging out with my boyfriend, watching anime, listening to music, reading manga or light novels, or just sleeping.

I also enjoy playing video games and I’m slowly getting into reading books again.

If there’s anything specific I write, it’s a little bit of everything. Sci-Fi, romance, fantasy, historical fiction (to name a few genres). I like to dabble in all sorts of genres; I really don’t like sticking to one genre. It feels almost limiting to me. In any case, if you are interested in my writings, or just to peek in to see how I’m doing, you can check out my blog at The Basic Baka.

About My Book Reviews

My book reviews are my way of getting back into reading. I hadn’t felt the need to read because I was dealing with some really bad depression. Slowly and surely, I’m getting back into that. For right now, I’m trying to read and review as much as I can.

I tend to like romance, fantasy, historical, and horror. I’m generally open to other genres but I try to stay away from sci-fi and contemporary (with a few exceptions, of course) due to personal reasons. I’m also trying to read more books that are considered “classics” so I can understand the genre better. If you’re curious about my rating system, and why, you can check it out here!  If you’re interested in me reviewing something of yours, please head over to my policy page.

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