Review Policy

Since opening this blog, I hadn’t realized how far my outreach has been so I decided to include a review policy. You can check this page to see if I’m accepting reviews or not but please understand that while I may be open to reviews, I reserve the right to reject any request as I see fit.

Review Requests: Closed

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions authors, editors, publishers and others must adhere to if they wish to request a book review from me. Please understand that I do have other responsibilities and commitments to attend to, but also realize that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time as with anything in this review policy.

  1. I accept only print copies of books and eBooks through Kindle. Any and all accepted books will have a posted review. The address will be provided upon legitimate request.
  2. All of my reviews are strictly my opinion, for better or for worse, and will be noted how I’ve received the book; they will all be my honest opinion about the book. You can see how I rate things (and what they mean) here on this page.
  3. I live in the United States, but please don’t take it personally if I choose to go through the eBook route – sometimes, I may not have enough room.
  4. All copies will be read once I have received them but please expect a review within 8 weeks of receipt. However, if there is a time limit, please express that in your request and I will accommodate as best I can.
  5. In addition to this blog, my reviews will be posted on Goodreads only. Blog posts are automatically posted on my Twitter account and personal Tumblr account.
  6. If you do not hear from me after 2 weeks, feel free to send me an email checking up on the status of your request. All e-mails will be answered with an approval or rejection. I will try my best not to leave anyone hanging. Any and all spam e-mails will result in an automatic rejection.

Genre & Age Groups

While I do not mind reading books of different genres and those outside my comfort zone, you’ll more likely get approval from me if you send me the following:

Age Groups

  • Adult
  • New Adult
  • Young Adult


  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Adventure
  • Historical Thriller
  • Murder-Mystery
  • Horror*

* Zombies or anything that gets reanimated after death is a hard no. I truly do not want anything to do with zombies, sorry. Vampires can be debated, although it depends on your version of the creature (unless it’s a major spoiler). Generally, vampires are more likely to be approved than zombies, weirdly enough.

Original English Light Novels

Because I am a fellow Original English Light Novel (OELN) author myself, I understand how hard it is to get people to notice your book. If you fall under this umbrella, I will be more likely to read and review your books. However, as proof that you’ve read this section, you must include an answer to this question:

“What is your current favorite light novel series and why?”

I’m not expecting an essay, just enough to know that you’re someone of this particular brand of authors trying to make it in this world. If you have Twitter, please feel free to include that in the email so I can immediately tag you when I publish the review!

Additional Comments

  • Blog Tours, book blitzes, cover reveals are something I am vastly unfamiliar with (unless we are close friends) so I don’t want to harsh your squee by asking a million questions. This can always change in the future, but as of this current posting, I am not accepting such invitations.
  • I tend to review things complete with spoilers (that’s marked not just on this blog but on Goodreads as well) because while I realize there are a lot of bloggers who can review spoiler-free, I cannot. I like to talk about the plot, especially if I’ve enjoyed it.
  • As much as it would be fun to be caught up in a new series, please do not send me requests for books in a series. I, unfortunately, have too much to catch up on my backlog until further notice.
  • It is assumed every book I review is a book that is bought or borrowed from Kindle, or other means (that will be disclosed). However, any books given to me as gifts, ARCs, or otherwise outside the usual scope will be appropriately labeled as such.
  • Please understand that I write book reviews for fun – anyone who tries to suggest money compensation for a good review will be denied outright. While this is for fun, I also want to be honest as I can in my reviews. On top of that, this blog isn’t high on my priority list as I have other responsibilities and commitments.
  • Even though I pride myself in being Hispanic/Latinx, because of personal issues, I can only accept books in English as I read, speak, and review in English. Please respect this boundary.
  • Published and self-published books are both welcomed, whether they’re accepted falls entirely on their genre, synopsis, and page count.

Contact & Email

Finally, we make it to the contact portion! If I have somehow reached your requirements of a reviewer for your book, and you believe you meet my standards of review, you should absolutely feel free to contact me!

My e-mail is and I just need you to do one more thing for me – please let me know where you had gotten my e-mail address! When I don’t know where an e-mail comes from, I will immediately ignore it right away. It would make me feel better (and more likely to agree to review your book) if you had stated somewhere in your e-mail you had gotten it from this blog, Astronomy of My Dreams.

Any other inquiries can be filled out using this contact form. Please expect 48 to 72 hours for a response. If it is important, adhere to the requirements above and I will do what I can to answer.

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